Revealed at last – 18 Easy to follow steps that you can use to build yourself a professional looking, money making blog today.

From the desk of Matthew Newill and Peter Chapman – Top pro bloggers (June 14 2011)

Dear future profitable blog owner,

Sometimes you know what you should be doing in life but there is something holding you back.

If you’re anything like the hundreds of people we coach every year online you probably know by now that having your own blog is must for any online business, but it can be very difficult putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to get one up and running.

I know when I first started out online that it was really frustrating trying to get anything done, as I would always be missing a vital piece of the puzzle to get my own blog up and running and I would sit there stuck, hoping someone would come along and give me the missing pieces to my online business.

Perhaps you are like me and have watched those YouTube videos on how to set up a profit making blog, only to find vital steps of the process missing or the sound quality too poor to follow.

Well I want to clear up the confusion right now and let you watch over my shoulder while I take you by the hand and show you how to create a slick looking, professional blog today, so you can get the word out about your business and start making some cash at the same time.

This course will work for anybody…

Even if you have zero technical knowledge!!

But hang on one second…

If you are still wondering about the benefits of blogging today, let’s fill in that piece of the puzzle right now.

Why you need to be blogging!!

1) The real person is ruler of the land of the virtual

If you want to succeed online it’s vital that people really connect with you as a person, what you stand for, and what makes you different. And when they connect with you something magical happens. They will gladly pay you for your products or services.

And guess what? – a blog is a great way for you to connect on a personal level with your readers and make money in the process.

2) Your slice of the profit pie

Imagine you had access to a business that is growing by 441% a year? This the annual growth rate of internet usage with 1,966,514,816 people online right now using the internet today!!

Your blog is an ideal tool for you to reach this audience and start doing business with them.

3) Money will follow your expert status

Through a blogging platform you can set yourself up as an expert in your particular niche. People will see your passion through your words and will see you as the “go to mentor” for a solution to their problem. Again they will happily pay you for the privilege of solving their problem.

4) It’s cheap as chips

Forget PPC and all the paid advertising methods out there. You can easily get natural rankings in the search engines for various keywords for free with a blog, and you can drive traffic to your site that will convert into cash at no expense.

5) You can profit from the visibility of a blog

Having a blog is a great way to get out there and get yourself and your product seen in the market place, and the fact is that Google will love you for the new content you provide and will love the WordPress blog that you set up,

The fact of the matter is…

Google loves WordPress blogs!! And gives them fantastic search engine rankings..

But most important of all…

There are millions of people out there that are looking for solutions to their problems in different niches and they are dying to meet someone who they can trust online to advise them- and yes– to sell them a solution to their problem.

Does blogging sound even better now?

Are you starting to see the potential for fun and profit here?

Ok – first things first though.

Let’s look at how you can cut through all the difficulties in setting up a blog and explode onto the blogging scene with something that we like to call……

“Nuclear Blogger”

The easy to follow guide to “setting up and running today” with you own blog (even if you’re the least techie person on the planet).

Here’s a sneak look at what we will show you inside the course…

• The simple step by step process to building a professional looking blog from scratch
18 easy to follow video modules and accompanying instructions, where you watch over our shoulders as we build a blog from scratch
• How to make money from your blog
• How to find the best theme for you blog
• Where to find cheap reliable hosting for your blog
• How to get access to a special “social tribe” to get your blog massive recognition online
• How to get your blog highly visible in the search engines
• Where to find great info to publish for content ideas-(no more writers block-ever)
• How to build a list of subscribers that you can make money from again and again
• How to link to Facebook and Twitter for more traffic to your blog and
More profits
• Constant support from 2 of the top pro bloggers in the industry

If by now you’re wondering why we at “Nuclear Blogger” are the ones to walk you step by step through our simple blog creation process…

Allow me to introduce myself and my business partner…

My name is Matthew Newill and I have been blogging since 2006, before I went full time in 2009. My background is in IT so I can answer any technical queries that you have and I am an expert in affiliate marketing, web hosting, and blogging.

My own blog has received up to 800,000 visitors a month this year!!

My business partner is Peter Chapman, a highly successful internet marketer, who brings some serious online marketing expertise to the table.

The truth is though, that we both started with nothing and we know how hard it can be when you are just starting out line with all the new stuff there is to learn.

We really want to make things easier for you by showing you the easy to follow steps to getting your blog up and running and begin to get this internet marketing thing working for you!!

Don’t just take our word for it that we are the ones to help launch your online business though.

Some of our happy customers want to share their experiences with you!!

Patrick Todd

“Your help in building my blog has been tremendous. Definitely looking forward to continuing our relationship”

Helmut Loetzerich

“Your teaching and support you render to your members is outstanding and its value cannot be over emphasized, because you are a true master of the art of writing blogs”.

Kevin DeRoo

If you are new to Blogging then I can’t think of two better people to help you get started then Peter and Matt. Peter set up my Blog for me and gave me great advice on how to improve my rankings in the search engines. After less than three months of Blogging I am already way ahead in the rankings of some who have been at this for years! Thanks for all your work and constant willingness to help others.

Don’t let lack of knowledge hold you back

If you have not got a successful blog up and running right now, the chances are that you are letting lack of technical knowledge hold you back..

It’s time to change that right now and let us show how easy it is to get up and running with a great looking blog..

There is a lot of skepticism online these days about money making opportunities so let me cut right to the chase.

Having a blog like mine that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors and makes me thousands of dollars in revenue every month is not going to happen overnight, however it will happen for you if you are willing to put the time in!!

Just take a look online at any topic these days, go past the first page of Google and check out all the rubbish there is out there online in any niche.

If you have a professional looking blog in the right niche you can literally become the expert in that area very quickly and start making some serious cash online.

Picture getting up in morning and posting content on your blog for fans that are visiting your site every day. These people click on your ads or buy your products, or other peoples products, that you recommend.

You also have list of loyal subscribers that you can market anything you want to – making you even more money.

If the sounds good to you, then let’s get the ball rolling by clicking on the add to cart button below. After you enter your credit card details you will be immediately taken to a login page where you will have full access to the instructional videos and accompanying text. You will also have the full support of Peter and I to assist you in any way we can!!

Time to stop wasting time

Make no mistake about it. Time is the most valuable thing that you have online and the one thing that you can’t get back. Don’t waste anymore time trying to figure it all out by yourself. You could be spending that time building a really successful blog and creating a money making asset at the same time!! The sooner you act the better…

Let us take all the risk for you

We want to make the decision to go with “Nuclear Blogger” completely risk free and that is why we are offering a no risk money back guarantee if this course does not live up to your expectations for whatever reason in the next 2 months. If this is the case, simply shoot us a mail and we will refund every penny.

Money Back Guarantee

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